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  1. Coco Birt

    Hi Tamsin,
    Thank you so much for writing Figgy in the world. It is an amazing book that I love and can not stop reading. I just finished the epilogue and I am so excited to read Figgy and the president. I think your books are better than Rohld Dahls and I love Rhohld Dahl books. My friends and I are obsessed with your books. I don’t know how you write those incredible books. I am very inspired to write books when I am older.
    -Coco Birt (your biggest fan.)
    P.S this is my Dads email.
    I live in noosa and I am 11.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Coco,
      Thank you so much for your message – it is one of the loveliest I’ve received! I’m really glad you liked Figgy in the World, and I hope you like Figgy and the President just as much.
      I love Roald Dahl too! Particularly Matilda and The Witches.
      Thanks so much!
      ps. You are very lucky to live in Noosa – I’ve been there a few times on holiday, and it is great!!!
      pps. Your name is awesome.

      1. Coco Birt

        Hi again,

        I would love to buy the set of your books for my bff for Christmas. She is a big reader too. Our Mums have been best friends since they were 12 also. Her Mum is a writer too and writes for The Australian Magazine in Sydney. I have looked online but can’t find somewhere to buy them all. Can you email my Mum on the address below. Thanks
        -Coco Birt (your biggest fan).

        P.S. Noosa is a great place to grow up.


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